Submarine Line Terminal Equipment - SLTE

Submarine Line Terminal Equipment (SLTE) is the foundation of global submarine cable data transmission. The SLTE products provided by HMN Tech deliver large-capacity, high-performance and high-reliability data transmission through industry-leading DWDM technology.

Large Capacity, High Integration, High Reliability Network Platform

Ultra-large Capacity

High-performance oDSP and leading SDFEC2 technology realize 200Gbit/s, 400Gbit/s, 600Gbit/s, 800Gbit/s and 1Tbit/s line rate per wavelength; Support up to 1Tbit/s per slot; 

Support up to 64Tbit/s cross-connect capacity per subrack;

High Integration

Support OTN cluster, improving the cross-connect capacity according to requirement;

Flexible Configuration

Support SDH/OTN/PKT multi-service transmission;5.5U&11U boards flexibly configured according to requirement;

High Reliability

Provide perfect equipment-level redundancy protection and multiple network-level protection schemes.

Key Technology

oDSP designed in-house

Supporting high performance SDFEC and large dispersion compensation


PDM-BPSK, PDM-QPSK, 8QAM, 16QAM, improve non-linear mitigation


ROPA, HBA, Raman, enhanced-Raman


WSS-based multi-degree ROADM

Control plan


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