Open Cable Access Equipment - OCAE

Located in the cable landing station (CLS), Submarine Line Management (SLM 1630) seamlessly integrates with the Network Management System (NMS) to provide real-time network performance information and realize the intelligent management of wet plant. HMN Tech’s new generation Open Cable Access Equipment (OCAE) supports Open Cable solution, providing possibility for more open and more flexible submarine transmission system.

Longer Distance, Higher Capacity, and More Flexibility to the Industry

Submarine Line Management

The real-time monitoring function supports up to 32 fiber pairs for ultra long distance system with timely alarm and accurate positioning. HMN Tech SLM 1630 provides unified visual platform for key parameters of wet plant equipment, supports visualization query and manual settings.

Fault Detection

Fast fault localization within 15 minutes.

Automatic fault diagnostics and localization with ±0.1km accuracy

Open Access

Supports fiber and spectrum level service allocation and management.

Provides up to 18 pairs of access ports per fiber pair, allowing flexibly access for any third-party TTE (Terminal Transmission Equipment).

Flexible Networking

Support remote service access from the data center directly.

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