Power Feeding Equipment - PFE 1670

Power Feeding Equipment (PFE) provides constant current to energize submerged equipment to ensure long-term stable operation of the submarine system. PFE 1670 pushes the industry power feeding limits, provides the possibility for longer-distance transoceanic transmission.

Supports longer, larger capacity, brings more possibilities

Higher output voltage

Up to 18kV output voltage, PFE supports longer, more fiber counts, larger capacity and better performance submarine system, comparing to the industry level 15kV


High Integration

PFE utilizes compact and high-integration, achieving higher voltage but fewer cabinets. It helps customers to save room space


High precision

Current fluctuation can be reduced and minimized to less than 0.1%, ensuring submerged equipment continuously stable operation and improving system stability


High reliability

Many functions ensure PFE’s reliability: Converter N+1 redundancy design, high voltage protection module, automatic switch between dual end feeding and single end feeding.

Power Feeding Equipment

Input Voltage:

-40.5 VDC to -60 VDC

Output Current:

2.0A max

Output voltage:

18kV max

Output Power:

27 kW for N+1 redundancy

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