Network Management System - NMS

Network Management System (NMS) is the unified management platform for all equipment in the submarine cable system, to manage, control and analyze the equipment and network running status during the routine operation and maintenance.

Intelligent O&M, Supporting Open Cable

Unified Platform

Network Management System (NMS) seamlessly integrates the management of both wet plant equipment and terrestrial equipment, including the RPT, BU, ROADM, OCAE, PFE and so on;

Query and Control

NMS supports the running status visualization of RPT, BU, ROADM and the command control of BU and ROADM;

Supporting Open Cable

NMS supports management and performance analysis of dark fiber or spectrum or wavelength and offers network operation information, such as alarm, performance, and inventory information, for the OSS through various northbound interfaces;

Cloud Platform

NMS greatly simplifies O&M by using a unified cloud platform to provide O&M portals and user authentication, identical API proxy, as well as unified installation, deployment, and upgrade.

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