Repeater - RPT 1660

Repeater is the core equipment of a repeatered system. It compensates the transmission loss to prolong the transmission distance and enlarge system capacity. RPT 1660 provided by HMN Tech delivers large-capacity, high-reliability and long-distance transmission.

More Fiber Pairs and Higher Capacity

High Fiber Count

Support up to 32 fiber pairs system, first applied 16 fiber pairs system to satisfy the transmission demands of huge capacity in the industry;

Low Power Consumption

Applied new electronic design and innovative pump sharing to reduce 30% voltage drop;

Broad Bandwidth

Provide the industry-leading 39.5 nm bandwidth to deliver higher capacity;

Ultra-long Distance

High output optical power and low noise figure enable up to 160km transmission of each segment in repeatered system, and support 16000km in transcontinental system;

High Reliability

Utilize pressure-resistant and anti- corrosion titanium alloy housing, and high-sealing structural design to ensure stable operation at 8000m water depth during the 25-year lifespan.

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