Remote Optical Pumping Amplifier - ROPA 1620

Remote Optical Pumping Amplifier is applied in unrepeated system. ROPA 1620 can amplify the optical signal, compensate the optical attenuation, and increase the transmission distance and system capacity.

Ideal Solution for High Capacity and Single-span Transmission

Ultra-High Fiber Count

Support optical signal amplifying for C Band and Extended C Band with up to 32 fiber pairs;

Customized Solution

Customize the optimized remote pump solutions for different projects to maximize the transmission distance and capacity;

Compact Design

With light weight and small volume design, ROPA 1620 can reduce the operation difficulty and speedup the installation process, easy for deployment and maintenance;

High Reliability

ROPA 1620 uses pressure-resistant, anti-corrosion, high strength housing industrial leading optical devices with ultra-tightness design.

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