Branching Unit - BU 1650

Branching Unit (BU 1650) is a submersible equipment to split service to different stations. It establishes interconnections between multiple sites within a submarine network system, reduces the complexity of networks, and significantly improves the flexibility of network system.

Flexible Network Control, Suitable for Multiple Scenarios

High Fiber Count

Up to 32 fiber pairs for different network applications;

Flexible Configuration

Support traffic allocation at different levels (Fiber/Spectrum) and high voltage hot switching to enhance networking flexibility;

Fast Fault Isolation

Support high flexible optical / electrical switching to increase traffic resilience

High Reliability

Pressure-resistant, anti-corrosion titanium housing with high-sealing design, capable of stable operation for 25 years under 8,000m water depth.

Reconfigurable Optical Add/Drop Multiplexer - ROADM 1680

The Reconfigurable Optical Add/Drop Multiplexer (ROADM 1680) is a wet plant product from HMN Tech, and is used to dynamically allocate the network traffic. Connecting with Branching Unit (BU), ROADM 1680 can add/drop wavelengths from 0% to 100%, increase network flexibility, and satisfy the capacity adjustment in the future.

Dynamic Traffic Reallocation

High Fiber Count

Support 4 fiber pairs ROADM function for trunk (single unit), maximum 16 fiber pairs ROADM function (cascaded)

Flexible Reallocation

Support flexible grid with 3.125 GHz slice, and enable 0% to 100% wavelength add/drop without guard band, match customer’s dynamic service requirement;

Intelligent C&R

Support real-time operating status query and key parameters configuration via network management system 

Fault Recovery

Optical fault recovery to increase traffic resilience

High Reliability

1+1 WSS redundancy design to ensure high reliability

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